Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Backyard Dreaming // Three tips for designing a backyard perfect for entertaining

Last year, we moved into our newly built house but we weren’t able to do any landscaping before winter hit.  So, currently our entire yard is a lot of mud, covered by a lot of snow!  Spring feels like it's miles away but as soon as the snow melts, we are excited to transform our backyard into a beautiful, modern outdoor space that we can use to host parties and entertain guests.

As we dream about designing our new backyard, I wanted to share with you a few of my favourite tips for creating a stunning outdoor space perfect for entertaining.

[via: JL Designs]
1. Embrace where you live!

If you want to create a useable outdoor space you should not attempt to fight nature.  When landscaping, plant local trees and plants that thrive locally instead of choosing exotic plants that take meticulous maintenance to survive.  Choose weatherproof furniture and decor that can stay outside in all types of weather, especially if you live somewhere it rains frequently.  Running outside during a thunderstorm to collect all of your indoor-only pillows can be avoided with a little forethought!

When hosting an outdoor event at home, the comfort of your guests is a top priority and you should design your backyard with this in mind.  If you live in a location where bugs might be an issue, consider adding a beautiful outdoor pavilion with mosquito netting to keep your guests safe from bug bites!  If you live somewhere with cold winters, consider designing a backyard with space for a cozy fire pit or hot tub. Embracing your location when designing your backyard will not only lead to happier guests, but also a more practical & unique space.

[via Jardín De Ville]

2. Keep it connected!

You want your backyard to feel like an extension of your home, so choose outdoor furniture that flows with your decor style.  If your home is ultra modern, don't start adding vintage furniture on your patio.  Instead, choose modern luxe outdoor pieces that match your home decor (like these gorgeous outdoor Eames chairs from Jardin De Ville!)  When hosting parties, you want guests to be able to seamlessly move between indoor and outdoor spaces, so make sure there is a natural flow between all areas of your home.

3. Use thoughtful lighting!

When entertaining, lighting makes a huge difference in the mood of the party. Choose lighting that compliments the type of events you dream of hosting. Are you hoping to plan late night outdoor dance parties or host quiet evenings filled with intimate conversation?   Right now, outdoor lighting options are nearly endless!  You can softly drape string lights across your patio, use outdoor lamps or even hang a sparkly chandelier.

I hope these tips will help you design (or re-design) an outdoor space that you will love to use!  Tell me, what would your dream backyard look like?  Let me know in the comments!
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