Thursday, December 3, 2015

Decorating with Flowers this Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, it won’t be long until it’s time to start sprucing up the house ready for a festive party! And what better way to do it than using nature's finest! Blossoms in deep reds and emerald greens are a fabulous, affordable way to get things feeling festive. Check out our favorite do-it-yourself flower arrangement ideas for some inspiration.

Winter Wonderland

While browsing flea markets and antique shops, pick up white ceramic pitchers to use as vases. Create a serene winter-holiday display by choosing crisp white blossoms and other objects found in the same hue.  Pop it on the dining table for the perfect festive centrepiece.

Go Green

If you fancy a bit of a twist, why not try going flowerless with a lush, leafy display. Buy a mix of greens from your local flower shop, being sure to choose varieties with both fine leaves and others with broader leaves. Add a handful of seeded branches to add a bit of extra visual interest.

Festive Florals

Start by choosing a pair of pitchers to house your display, one tall and one small would work well. Try something with a bit of sparkle to add a little Christmas spirit!  Buy a mix of large and small flowers in various shades of green and red. Working with the hardest blooms first, pack each pitcher densely with flowers. Try adding the odd sprig of holy for a festive touch.

Floral Party Favours

Don’t throw away broken flowers too small to fit in traditional-size vases. Instead, try gathering a small bunch of these tiny florets and placing them in cute containers. Our personal favorite are small repurposed candle votives! Let your guests help themselves when they leave the party!

So, instead of opting for ready-made shop bought decorations this Christmas, why not give some of these a go? They will add a bit of festive flare to your party without breaking the bank. And if you’re struggling for gift ideas, we’re sure that these handmade treasures will be the perfect choice!

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