Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Holiday Wellness

The holiday season can get a little crazy! Between all the Christmas parties, shopping dates and traveling it's easy to get a little stressed out and overwhelmed.  That's why I've teamed up with Saje Wellness to create my own curated holiday wellness collection!  Today, I'm sharing my 6 favourite Saje products that are the absolute must-have's to keep you feeling amazing this winter!

The ultimate holiday wellness wish list!

1. Gold AromaGem Nebulizer:
A month ago, I had never used a nebulizer before in my life and I had no idea how much I would love it! The simple process of filling it with water and watching the steam softly spill out the top (as it purifies & humidifies the room!) is so relaxing.  I've seen a few nebulizers that are a bit of an eye-sore, but the AromaGem has a glamorous & modern shape that doesn't have to be hidden away and doubles as a pretty sculptural object when not in use.

Saje Wellness Signature Selections Diffuser Blend

2. Signature Selections Diffuser Blend:
If you're new to essential oils, this deluxe diffuser blend kit is for you!  It's an absolutely perfect way to try multiple different scents, find your favourites and change it up depending on your mood. After trying almost all of the blends, my absolute favourite would have to be the "Spa Spirit" blend.

3.Precious Glow Gemstone Candles:
These unique little candles have the prettiest organic shape.  You can burn them one at a time, or you can group them together to create a lovely vignette.  When all you see outside is snow, lighting a few of these gemstone candles brings a warmth that only a flickering fire can bring!

Saje Wellness x Pretty Little Details

4. Pocket Pharmacy Holiday Edition:
No one likes feeling sick around the holidays, and this little kit has the perfect pocket sized remedies to throw into your purse.  From headaches to indigestion (too many Christmas cookies perhaps?) this little set has everything you need to feel better!

Pocket Pharmacy holiday edition

5. Diamond Car Diffuser
Between meeting up with friends and driving between stores to find the perfect gift, around Christmas, I spend way more time in my car than usual!  That's why I had to add this adorable little gem shaped mini car diffuser to my wellness wish list.  All you do is fill the diamond with your favourite essential oil blend and clip it onto a vent in your car.  Voila, the cutest & easiest way to purify the air in your car!

Diamond shaped essential oil car diffuser

6. Lavender Balancing Bath Soak
Taking a long, hot bath is one of my favourite ways to relax, so I had to add Saje's lavender bath soak to my holiday wellness wish list!  Together with a great book (and a few rose petals for good measure!) the lavender essential oils will help melt away all your holiday stress!

Lavender bath soak

So, now you know all of my favourite wellness products but I'd love to know yours!  Let me know in the comments what Saje Wellness products you've tried.  And make sure to check out my full curated collection on the Saje website!

Happy Holidays!

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