Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Six Summer Trends You Can Wear This Fall

Summer may have come and gone, but that doesn’t mean you have to put away your summer wardrobe just yet! The trends we saw last season have been quite versatile, and with the right accessories, you can look just as fabulous this fall as you did in June and July. Here's a few of my favourite summer pieces that you can put to good use in the cooler months.

1) The Striped Tee & High-Waisted Denim Shorts Combo
The striped tee is a simple but chic number that works for all seasons, especially in the fall. Take advantage of the warmer temperatures right now and pair the tee with your favourite high waisted jeans shorts.  To make the look more fall-appropriate, pair the outfit with an oversized sweater and ankle boots. Glamour also suggests wearing cosy tights and a jewel-toned scarf.

How to transition your summer wardrobe into fall!

2) Chiffon Dresses
Because of the breezy, light feel of the garment, chiffon dresses are comfortable to wear during the warmer months, but the fabric also makes a great addition to your fall wardrobe. This season, contrast  the feminine nature of the dress by wearing it with a masculine, edgier coat.

3) Rompers
Just like the chiffon dresses can swiftly transition to seasonal wardrobes, you can still rock your rompers in fall. Rompers can be worn in numerous ways, such as with a cardigan, tights or knee high socks and boots, you name it! The possibilities are endless.

4) White
The runways saw a lot of white for designers’ summer 2015 collections, with romantic silhouettes of crisp white and intricate designs of broderie anglaise.  White delicate cutwork gives women an infinitely precious look that can transcend multiple seasons.  But isn’t there that rule that we can’t wear white after Labour Day?  Forget it! Lyst explains, “fashion rules are meant to be broken,”.  Adding white to your fall outfits brings a level of sophistication.

How to transition your summer wardrobe into fall!
5) Florals
Flower patterns are typically worn during spring and summer, which come brightly coloured, but nothing’s stopping you from wearing florals in the colder seasons. The difference between spring and fall florals are the background colours, with fall having darker hues to mimic blooms at night.

6) Black Shorts
Give your black shorts the fall/winter treatment with a pair of tights. The great thing about this is that you can easily wear any style of tights to play up the black shorts, whether you wear patterned, embroidered tights or simple, black opaque ones. Although you might want to opt for the opaque tights for a sleeker and sexier appearance like Alexa Chung on InStyle.

How to transition your summer wardrobe into fall!

So what is your favourite summer/fall transition piece? Make sure to let me know in the comments! Enjoy the last few fleeting days of September!
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