Monday, May 4, 2015

Skincare Overhaul (thanks to Mary Kay!)

Have you ever stuck with a product you didn't love just because you were too scared to try something new?  That's what I have been doing with my skincare routine up until last month.  I've been using the same products for years, and although they left my skin feeling super dry, I haven't wanted to risk switching products because my skin is super sensitive (and frankly dry skin is better than breakouts!)

Luckily, my friend Bethany (who is a total sweetheart & also happens to be a Mary Kay consultant) stopped by a few weeks ago and gave me the confidence to finally shake up my skincare routine.  I honestly had never tried any products from Mary Kay before, but I figured I'd give their products a shot and I loved that they had an amazing return policy in case the products didn't work out!

Review of Mary Kay Botanical Effects skincare line.

Anyways, Bethany let me try a bunch of the skincare products she had brought along and after testing them on my skin I decided to incorporate the dry skin cleanser and moisturizer from the Botanical Effects line into my daily routine.  The cleanser instantly felt soooo much better on my skin, and way less drying than what I had been using.  I also loved the skinvigorate cleansing brush (It's very similar to the Clairisonic one but at a much more affordable price)!

Although I wanted to share this post a month ago, I wanted to make sure I still loved the products after using them a few weeks before I blogged about them.  (I have a strict policy that I only share things on the blog that I genuinely love and actually use myself.)  But after using them everyday for the last month, my skin still feels feels so good!

Bethany Funk, Mary Kay rep.

So, have you guys tried any Mary Kay products before?  Let me know a few of your favourite products in the comments!  Also, if you need a Mary Kay rep to order from, Bethany is amazing!  You can get in touch with her, or shop her online Mary Kay store here!

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