Thursday, May 28, 2015

To Build a Home // Bathroom Design Tips & Inspiration

This past week I've been working on designing the bathrooms in our new house.  Between picking tile and choosing light fixtures I've been working hard to pull everything together to create a space that is both beautiful and functional.  Right now, we are planning for our bathrooms to be bright and modern with touches of marble and a little bit of glam.

Here are my top 7 tips for designing a stunning (and functional) bathroom!

1. Add some texture: 
Bathrooms can have a tendency to look a little utilitarian, but creating a feature wall using unique textures, will draw all eyes away from the less glamorous portions of the room.  By installing either a stunning back splash or a fun wall paper, you can transform your bathroom from a space you need to use, into a space you love to use!

Marble bathroom with ornate mirror

2. Hang a pretty mirror:
Every bathroom needs one, so why not make yours a showstopper!  Whether you choose one with an ornate frame, or a sleek geometric style, a well chosen mirror will catch everyone's attention.

Blush pink bathroom with glam touches.

3. Think about lighting:
While overhead lighting is one of the most common types of bathroom lighting, it is not ideal for applying make up.  Overhead lighting will cast awful shadows that won't allow you to see what your make up really looks like.  Instead, try installing sconces or hanging pendants on either side of the sink.  The lighting will eliminate shadows as well as add some visual interest.

White bathroom with marble counter-tops.
4. Consider your hardware:
There are so many different metal finishes to choose from when you begin considering faucets, lighting and other bathroom hardware.  Between gold, silver, brushed nickel, brass, and more it's easy to feel a little overwhelmed.  While it's okay to mix metals, make sure you don't combine more than two different finishes.  A bathroom is a relatively small space and the more cohesive your finishes, the better!  Take a look at Rona for bathroom accessories and hardware idea!

Grey glass subway tile with marble.

5. Be aware of colour:
In a past home, I decided to paint my bathroom hot pink. I figured it was a small space and it would be a great spot to add a bold punch of colour.  Unfortunately, what I never considered was how light would reflect off of hot pink walls.  After doing my makeup in the bathroom, I would walk outside and realize my makeup looked completely different in natural light than it did inside the pink room.  A soft grey or a bright white paint colour is ideal for a bathroom you will be getting ready in!

White and grey bathroom with striped shower curtain.

6. Keep it organized: 
As you design your bathroom, think realistically about the storage space you need.  A pedestal vanity may look nice but if you have hundreds of beauty products that you keep in rotation, consider including practical cupboard space in your design.  It is very easy for a bathroom to begin to look cluttered, so make sure you have a space for everything.  Another great way to minimize the clutter is to leave out a beautiful tray with a few your prettiest products, a great smelling candle and a bouquet of flowers.

Pretty tray for storing bathroom stuff.

7. Add one touch of luxury:
Whether it's a marble tile you absolutely love or a beautiful piece of modern furniture, make sure you include one item in your bathroom that makes you smile.  You are much better off splurging on the one thing you can't live without and saving elsewhere, than choosing pieces that you like but don't give you that wow factor.

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