Friday, April 24, 2015

Silver Hair & Sequinned Pants

White chiffon shirt with Glitter pants.
White and Silver outfit.

Granny hair inspiration.

Fun date night outfit with sequinned pants.

Dark smokey eye makeup on fair skin.
Sequinned pants with hot pink high heels.

Sequin Pants: H&M (the online version is a little different than the one I purchased in store but this pair from Nasty Gal is almost identical).  Pink heels: Le Chateau.  Clutch: DKNY

Truth be told, I recently bought these sequinned pants thinking I wouldn't get much use out of them. I figured I would wear them once or twice but that would be it. But I was so insanely wrong… I have already gotten sooo much use out of these pants! They somehow manage to match with everything and are literally the most comfortable thing to wear.

Also, you may have noticed I hopped on the #grannyhair trend and dyed my hair silver! My hairstylist and I were getting bored with platinum so we wanted to try something fresh! I've always kept my hair colour pretty natural, so this is the most different colour I have ever tried. Of course, I'm curious... what is the craziest colour you have ever dyed your hair?

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