Monday, April 6, 2015

Shop Your Own Closet - Hipster Remix

Crocheted lace top styled by Jennifer Ashley of Pretty Little Details.

Lace top with wine coloured shawl styled by blogger Jennifer Ashley.
Hipster style by Jennifer Ashley.
Stacked midi rings with burgundy nail polish.
Wool floppy hat & maroon lipstick. 
Hipster fashion by Pretty Little Details.

Hello everyone!  I hope your Easter weekend was wonderful!  I wanted to share this outfit because it's such a fun remix of a few old favourites of mine.  Even though fashion is always changing, you can always find new ways to style some of your old pieces and make them feel fresh again.  With a little bit of creativity and a few updated accessories your wardrobe can take on a whole new feel each season!

You may remember seeing a few of the pieces from today's outfit here:

- This striped shawl was part of a grey cup inspired party look I shared back in November.
- I originally wore this crocheted blouse tucked into a summer maxi skirt for a boho inspired look.
- These wine coloured booties were first worn as part of this winter outfit last year.
- I wore this floppy hat with a lace dress as a part of this polished casual outfit.

So what about you?  Do you feel the need to completely revamp your wardrobe each season, or do you "shop your own closet" and remix your old favourites?

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