Tuesday, April 28, 2015

DIY Wanderlust Globe

Finished, hand painted anthropology inspired wanderlust globe.

I recently saw this amazing hand painted globe at Anthropologie and I thought it would be a fun and inexpensive project to diy myself! By purchasing an old globe off of Kijiji (Canada's version of Craigslist), this entire project only cost me $25… A huge savings compared to the buying it in store for $198!

Here's what you will need:
- 1 Globe
- Black & Aqua acrylic paint
- Gold spray paint
- Gold paint pen

Inexpensive globe from Kijiji.

Step 1. With the globe still on its axis, start by outlining the major land masses with black paint using a thin paint brush. Then use a larger paint brush to fill all of the oceans. Let dry and paint a second coat.

Painting the water on a DIY anthropologie inspired globe.

Step 2. Now that the water is painted, you are ready to move onto painting all the land areas! Using an aqua coloured paint (or your colour of choice!) fill in the major land masses while staying inside the black outlines you already painted. If you mixed a few colours together to create the perfect hue (like I did), make sure to mix extra paint in case you need any touchups or another coat.

Painting the continents on a DIY anthropologie inspired wanderlust globe.

Step 3. Remove the globe from it's stand and paint Antarctica and the north pole. Balance the globe on a small bowl or plate to keep the globe from rolling away while you are working.

Step 4. While, the globe is off of its axis, take this time to give the stand a fresh coat of paint (I used Rustolium specialty metallic in gold). Let the stand dry, then carefully reattach the globe to its axis.

DIY Anthropologie inspired wanderlust globe.

Step 5. Using a gold paint pen, write the names of all the continents (and a few bodies of water) on the globe!

Use a gold paint pen to write continent names on your DIY Anthropologie inspired wanderlust globe.Step 6. Find a pretty spot to display your beautiful new decor piece!

Make your own DIY Anthropologie inspired wanderlust globe.

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