Monday, April 20, 2015

To Build a Home // Closet Inspiration

The humble closet has undergone a major makeover in the past few years.  What used to be seen as a just a practical storage space, has now become an extension of the home.  Many designers and home owners are creating a space that is not just a closet, but instead a dressing room where stylish items are displayed as art.

Right now, our current closet situation is less than ideal.  When we renovated our house we doubled the size of our closet, but it still isn't enough room for us (my husband and I share the space)!  While we manage to fit most of our clothes inside, it just isn't big enough to fit any shoes or accessories.  Currently, all of my accessories are stored in my bedroom, while all of my shoes and outerwear are housed in our back entrance.  So putting together an outfit usually involves running back and forth between three separate rooms in order to put everything together!

I am so excited for our new home, where I will finally be able to keep all my clothes and accessories together in one room!  For the design, I'm dreaming of an all white closet with lots of bright light.  I'm also planning on including some open shelving to display my prettiest accessories.

Here are a few of the closets that have inspired our new design.  Enjoy!

Mariah Carrey's all white closet on MTV cribs.

Shoes on floating shelves.

Glamorous white mirrored closet. Bright and airy dressing rooms.

Bright closet with open shelves.

White closet with chandeliers.

Modern minimalist closet.

1) MTV Cribs.  2) Rue. 3) Pop Sugar. 4) Latinpa.  5/6) Unknown.  7) I Heart Organizing.  
8) Peeptoes.  9) Bravo.  10) Stylizmo.
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