Monday, March 23, 2015

Fitness Fashion

Lately the lines between fitness and fashion have been becoming more and more blurred.  Standard gym wear used to consist of baggy t-shirts and black yoga pants or sweats, but lately, so many fresh new athletic brands have exploded into the scene offering functional & stylish pieces that people actually want to wear!

Not long ago, you would be hard-pressed to find yoga tights in anything other than a solid colour, but now printed tights are everywhere!  Another trend in fitness fashion is more distinctly feminine prints.  Beyond basic stripes and solids, brands are offering items with floral designs and even watercolor prints.

I've been busy scouring my favorite shops (and a few new ones!) to find some of the freshest workout gear to get you inspired to get moving this spring!  Make sure to let me know in the comments which piece is your favorite... and if you would ever wear it outside of the gym!
Fitness fashion trends and must haves for Spring 2015.

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