Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Wind & Waves // Bahamas Travel Diary

I decided to not bring my laptop along on our recent trip and I am so glad I didn't!  Taking a mini break from blogging while we vacationed left me coming back feeling so incredibly inspired for what is coming up on Pretty Little Details this year!

When I planned this vacation, I imagined laying on the beach listening to audiobooks and playing in the ocean.  However, we didn't exactly luck out with the weather… it is actually raining in half these photos!  But, oh well!  Instead of our planned beach day in Freeport, we took a taxi to Port Lucaya Marketplace and ended up with a great Taxi driver who gave us an awesome mini-tour of the island along the way!  We wandered through the shops for a few hours but didn't end up purchasing anything other than a fresh coconut from a local with a machete (so yummy)!

Afterwards we walked on over to Lucaya beach which was only a few minutes away.  The public beach was gorgeous with soft white sand and incredible turquoise waves.  I had really wanted to try stand up paddle-boarding, but the waves were rough so we ended up just walking along the shore and watching the waves crash.  There is just something about relaxing by the ocean that gets me every time!

Parasol on the beach, in Freeport, Bahamas.
Lace parasol on the beach, in Freeport, Bahamas.
Wanderlust inspiration, while looking at the waves.
Lace parasol and ocean waves.Jennifer Ashley & husband Stephane on the beach in Freeport.

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