Monday, January 19, 2015

Polka dots, Hot Pink & Feathers Oh My!

I made this diy feather skirt almost a year ago, but somehow it has never made it onto the blog!  Making this skirt was a super fun diy project, and all I used was some feather trim I purchased off ebay, and an inexpensive black pencil skirt from Target.  I got the idea from a tutorial via P.S. I made this and WhoWhatWear but instead of gluing the feathers onto the skirt, I took the time to sew them on.  Which honestly, was a way better solution considering how much the feather trim sheds!  When I wear this skirt I always end up leaving a trail of feathers behind… which is kinda cute right?

Anyways, I hope your weekend was amazing!

Close up shot of the Elliott Lucca Cordoba clutch in Hot Pink.

Jennifer Ashley wearing a feather skirt with a green army jacket.
Close up view of Elliott Lucca Cordoba Clutch.
Jennifer Ashley of Pretty Little Details.

Purse: Elliott Luca (via Sterling).  Skirt: DIY.  Blouse: Forever 21.  Utility Jacket: Urban Planet.  Heels: Spring Shoes.  Stockings: Victoria's Secret.  Nail polish: OPI "cancun fiesta".

Because most of today's outfit was purchased locally and is not available online, I have also linked to some similar items below!

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