Tuesday, December 16, 2014

How to pick the perfect Blanket Scarf!

The blanket scarf is easily the coziest trend of this year and I love that wearing a blanket outside of your house has now become socially acceptable!  But what makes a blanket scarf different than a regular scarf?  First and foremost, it is it's oversized scale that sets it apart, but, you will also usually find blanket scarfs made out of similar soft fleecy knit fabrics and featuring a plaid pattern.

Now you do have to be a bit careful when buying a blanket scarf, because not all of them are created equal.  Depending on the shape of the scarf, very different looks can be created. There are actually three main shapes you can find when purchasing a blanket scarf (and all three are best worn differently)!

1. The square. The best way to wear a square blanket scarf is to fold it diagonally so the opposite corners are touching (so it makes a big triangle). Then you can wrap the ends around your neck and tuck them under in the front. (Cortney from Cort in Session does a great tutorial showing this style!)

2. The shawl. This style is less versatile, but makes a fantastic statement piece!  The "shawl-style" blanket scarf essentially is a large square, but it features a slit down the centre so you can wear the scarf over your shoulders.  The blanket scarf I wore for the Grey Cup is a textbook example of this style!

3. The rectangle.  The rectangular blanket scarf is the most versatile shape.  It is less bulky than the square when worn around your neck and can be wrapped, tied, draped or belted (like I'm wearing below).  Just make sure your rectangular blanket scarf isn't too skinny, or you will lose the lovely (and cozy) blanket scarf effect!

Ps. I purchased my blanket scarf from Charming Charlie but sadly they are currently out of stock!  Luckily, I found identical scarfs at quite a few online shops (Heart&Home, Muizee and Aerie to name a few!)

Your guide to finding a blanket scarf!  Inspiration from Canadian fashion blogger Jennifer Ashley.
Your guide to finding a blanket scarf!  Inspiration from Canadian fashion blogger Jennifer Ashley.

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