Monday, September 8, 2014

How to wear joggers!

High waisted jogger pants are both stylish and super comfy. You just need to make sure to pair them with the right top & accessories, or else you may risk looking like you are wearing pyjamas!  It took me a lot of trial & error (basically trying on every shirt in my closet to see what worked) but I have figured out a few tips and tricks on how to wear the trend!

How to wear jogging pant.

Here's three types of shirts that work well with jogger pants:

1. A button up blouse.  Classic & simple, the button up blouse gives your outfit a polished look.
2. A slim, embellished tee.  Pretty much anything goes here as long as you pick a fitted tee in a complimentary colour.  If you choose at patterned tee, make sure to pick one with a pattern of a different scale than the pattern in your pants.  (I also loved wearing my pants with a simple striped tee!)
3. A silk tank.  Paring the joggers with a silk tank is my favourite combination.  The simplicity of the top balanced the business of the bottoms, while the shirt's fabric kept the look elegant.

I thought I would also share my tips on how NOT to wear them.  Don't make these jogger pant mistakes:

Mistake 1: Wearing them with flats! Joggers definitely need to be worn with high heels! Not only do taller shoes balance the width of the pant but it also keeps them from looking too casual.
Mistake 2: Pairing them with a loose top! You don't need your top to be skin tight, but make sure your top has some shape, otherwise you venture again into pyjama territory.  Also, make sure you tuck your shirt in (or at least the front of it) to define your waistline!
Mistake 3: Wearing an oversized pair! You need to make sure you find a pair of joggers that fits properly. You will want them to be loose through the hips while skimming the rest of your curves.

Ps. I purchased my leopard print jogger pants at Smart Set, but sadly this pair is no longer available.  You can purchase a similar pair from Necessary Clothing ($18) or, I also love this fun print from Urban Outfitters ($49)
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