Monday, August 25, 2014

Maxi skirts and Floral Crowns

Hello Everyone!  Last week, I was inspired by all the beautiful blooms in my garden, and decided to make myself a mini floral crown.  To be honest, I really don't have any occasions in my weekly schedule that would call for wearing flowers in my hair… so I invented an occasion! I had planned to go out for ice-cream and have a cute picnic in the park with my husband, but ended up getting invited to go see a movie in the theatres instead.  I debated taking the flowers out of my hair (because let's be real, who wears a floral crown to the movie theatre?) but the flowers were already cut and they would be dead by tomorrow if I left them at home, so I decided to wear it anyways.  And the craziest thing happened… absolutely nothing!  No one stared at me or laughed me out of the movie theatre!

Sometimes, it's hard to take a risk (even if it's just a tiny fashion risk) but you can't let the fear of what other people may think stop you from stepping outside your comfort zone.  So, moral of the story?  Go on and try that new thing you have always wanted to try!  The only person stopping you is YOU.

Ps.  If you want to make your own handmade mini floral crown, I'll be sharing a diy tutorial next week!

Chiffon skirt - Forever 21.  Crochet top - Romwe.  Heels - Le Chateau.
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