Friday, July 25, 2014

DIY makeup palette (and a GIVEAWAY!)

Today I wanted to share a little tutorial for making your own custom make-up palette.  Now, if you are like me, I'm sure you have a ton of random powders and shadows piled up in your bathroom drawers. Recently I found out about the Z Palette available at Sephora, which is a brilliant makeup system where you can insert your own makeup of whatever brand or size into a universal palette.  This palette is amazingly practical, but its price tag is quite steep when you realize all you are paying for is some paper & cardboard that you still have to fill with your own make-up, so I decided creating my own diy version would be an inexpensive & fun project!

DIY customizable universal make-up palette inspired by the Z Palette.

DIY customizable universal make-up palette inspired by the Z Palette.

Here's how you can make your own:

1. Grab some cardboard and cut out four identical rectangles. My pieces were 8"x 5".
2. Using a ruler and a sharp knife cut a 1/2" boarder inside one of the cardboard rectangles discarding the centre piece.
3. Using some heavy-duty double-sided tape (I used Sookwang tape), tape the boarder you just cut to one of the three remaining cardboard rectangles. Using this piece as a guide, cut an identical hole in this piece, again discarding the cut centre
4. You now have 3 pieces: your base, your lid and your boarder piece.
5. Trace all 3 pieces onto some pretty paper leaving a 1" allowance around the pieces.
6. Notch all interior and exterior corners as needed.
7. Wrap each cardboard piece in the paper using more tape to secure.
8. Cut out another piece of paper as wide as your palette and about 3" across (I cut my piece to be 8"x 3"). Glue this piece to the top of the base and the bottom of the lid piece leaving a space to fit the boarder piece in the middle.
8. Glue the boarder piece to the base with the taped edge facing down. Glue another piece of paper (8"x 5") to the underside of the lid to conceal any unfinished edges.
10. Glue a magnetic sheet (7"x 4") to the center of the bottom piece then begin filling with all of your oddly shaped shadows and powders!

In other news… I'm excited to share Pretty Little Details' first GIVEAWAY! I love painting my nails and essie makes some fantastic colours! The lucky winner of this giveaway will get a bottle of essie nail lacquer in the most gorgeous mint shade (turquoise & caicos) as well as a bottle of their amazing matte top coat (matte about you). So what are you waiting for?
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