Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Blog Organization (and a freebie!)

Blog planning worksheet freebie!

I have learnt so much about blogging since I started last year. But one of the main things I have realized is that blogging takes considerable time and foresight! From keeping my posts scheduled correctly to remembering to tweet, pin & facebook it takes some major organization skills!

Recently, I decided that what I really needed was something on paper to help me keep track of everything.  So last month I created a binder to store all of my ideas and created worksheets to make sure I wouldn't miss anything! I thought I would share my blog planning worksheet with you all as a freebie so if you would like to download it for yourself click here!

Last month, I got to take part in an online blogging course through Creative Live (love them by the way!). Not only did I learn some useful tips and tricks, but I also got to connect with a bunch of other bloggers who are just starting out. Because of the connections I made, I was able to join a blog hop where tons of people who took the course are sharing something they have learned about blogging. Now most of the blogs in the blog hop aren't fashion bloggers, but they are all written by amazing women who are invested in growing their online communities.

I wanted to thank Josephine from "Courage and Dash" for linking to me and hope you all head over to Kymona's blog "Kreative Kymona" next!

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