Thursday, February 20, 2014

DIY Peter-Pan Necklace

Remember last week when I shared this outfit?  Well, I promised I would show you how I made the necklace I wore and here it is!  A Peter-pan necklace is a great way to dress up a plain top and it is very easy (and inexpensive!) to make yourself.  Here's how you do it…

Step by step instruction for making your own diy Peter Pan necklace.

To make this necklace, you will need approximately 2 meters of chain.  I purchased the chain at a local fabric store but a simple chain like this can easily be found at michael or online.

Step 1. Cut your chain into 8 lengths: 1 length of 45cm (base chain), 1 lengths of 40cm (initial loop chain), 2 lengths of 16cm, 2 lengths of 15cm and 2 lengths of 14cm (filler chains)
Step 2. Find the midpoint of your 45cm 'base chain' and match it to the midpoint of your 40cm 'initial loop chain'.  Using pliers, open one link in the 'loop chain' enough to slip the link into the middle 'base chain' link.
Step 3. Drape the ends of the loop to create 2 symmetrical loops.  Fasten the end links of the 'loop chain' to the 'base chain'.  This will be your lowest loop, so make sure to try the necklace on at this point so you can easily make any adjustments.
Step 4. Move on to your next layer of chain.  Attach one of the 15cm 'filler chains' to the necklace midpoint and drape across so it creates a half way point between the 'base chain' and the 'initial loop' chain.  Do the same for the opposite side.  This will be your centre chain.
Step 5. Continue adding the last 2 sets of chain (the 14cm chain above your centre chain on each side and the 16cm beneath your centre chain on each side).
Step 6. Try the necklace on and make sure all the links lay flat.  You may have to adjust a few links or twist the chain but with a little bit of tweaking, it should lay flush against your neck.

And there you have it! An easy (and fun!) DIY necklace.
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