Monday, November 25, 2013

Winter Wishes

Lately, I have been feeling a little jealous of all the fashion bloggers living in warmer climates.  The fresh snow makes for a gorgeous backdrop, but lately it has been crazy cold here!  The temperature (with windchill) while taking these photos was -33 degrees!  Brrr! I had originally planned to feature this cozy fur trim vest with this outfit, but after a few pictures I decided it was just way too cold and had to layer a pea coat on top.  Oh well!  That's winter for you!

Also, you may have noticed I have a furry friend joining me today.  This is Nova!  We just adopted him and he is honestly the sweetest, most cuddly dog you will ever meet!

Tweed skirt - via Winners.  
Cream lace skirt - from Costa Blanca.  
Fur trimmed vest - from Urban Behaviour.  
Pea coat - from Stitches.  
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