Friday, September 20, 2013

Our home transformation

When we first saw this house... it was definitely not love at first sight.  The floor plan was awkward, the finishes were outdated and I hated the asymmetrical fireplace.  But the house had other redeeming qualities that made it a good choice (mostly the land it sat on that we are in the process of subdividing). After a lot of work rethinking the floor plan, we tore down a few walls and replaced pretty much everything inside the house (flooring, appliances... you name it!).

These photos were from right after we renovated and moved everything in just over a year ago.
There's a part of me however, that thinks a house is never truly "finished".  As trends change & families grow, homes need to keep on changing with it.  Right now we are working on our dining room.  Our $40 kijiji find dining table is just too small for us, so we are hoping to build our own barn wood table.  We are also trying to find some pretty (yet not super expensive) window coverings to complete the room.  I'll be sure to share photos when our update is finished!

For now, here are the before & after photos of the freshly renovated main living space!

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