Saturday, August 24, 2013

Nautical Inspired Jack & Jill Shower

I'm so excited to share with you all the photos from the nautical themed bridal shower for my sister.  I  had so much fun planing with the bridesmaids and everything turned out wonderful... except the pictures!  Most of the bridal party ended up showing up around the same time as the guests, which meant I only had a few seconds to take photos of the finished dessert & appetizer table before it was devoured.  Unfortunately, what I didn't realize was I had turned my ISO down super low while taking some shots the day before and never bothered to change the ISO back to automatic mode where I usually keep it.  Because I was in a hurry to take the pictures, I didn't even bother to check my settings or the images in camera before we opened the table for eating... meaning all of my photos turned out either blurry, grainy or super dark.  Whoops!!!  Anyways, enough apologizing... enjoy ;)

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