Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Chocolate Magic Shell

Do you remember magic shell?  When I was a kid, I always opted to have my ice-cream cones "dipped".   I was always amazed how they would dip a cone filled with soft-serve into a vat of melted chocolate and then somehow, mere seconds after they pulled it out, the chocolate would morph into a glossy, crisp shell.

Not too long ago, I discovered what makes "magic shell" magic... coconut oil!  Since coconut oil turns from a liquid to a solid at 24 degrees, it hardens as soon as it makes contact with the delicious frozen ice-cream.  Since I always stock coconut oil in my pantry, I'm sure I could easily whip up some magic shell by melting it together with some chocolate chips, but I found an even easier (and more yummy) way!

You see, coconut oil (with its unique melting point) is also what makes Lindt Lindor balls melt in your mouth.  That's right!  Lindor balls = chocolate + coconut oil.  So if you have Lindor balls on hand, you also have the most amazing, luscious magic shell just waiting to happen!

Pretty Little Details: Lindt Chocolate Magic Shell.

Magic Shell Ice-cream
Serves 1

3 Lindt Chocolate Balls
1 Giant scoop of Vanilla Bean Ice-Cream

1. Stirring every 15 seconds, microwave 3 Lindt Lindor balls until fully melted.
2. Pour melted Lindt balls over ice-cream.
3. Watch in amazement as the chocolate hardens into a crisp shell!

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