Wednesday, June 29, 2016

10 AMAZING braided hair tutorials!

Every time the season changes, most women also decide to change their hair.  Whether it's adding highlights, or finally cropping your long locks, summertime is the perfect time to try something new with your hair!

For me, summer means carefree, beachy braids!  And today, I'm linking all of my favourite tutorials for creating gorgeous braided hairstyles!

Are you as obsessed with braids as I am?  Let me know which braided hairstyle is your favourite!

Ten easy and gorgeous hair braid tutorials.  How to create a fishtail side braid.

1. Braided half crown fishtail

Tutorial via: Inspired by this

Friday, June 17, 2016

A little bit edgy // 3 ways to add a 70's vibe to your style!

My go to style is usually soft and feminine but lately I've been all over the 70's vibe.  Fashion is all about embracing how you feel in the moment and today's outfit brings out my edgy side.  I've been wanting to purchase a lace-up body suit for a while and this one from H&M is perfect!  Some of the bodysuits I've seen recently have lace-ups that go nearly to your belly button, but I'm a believer in keeping a little mystery when it comes to your wardrobe.  This one is perfectly edgy without being scandalous!

Although it's summer, it's been a a little chilly here in Winnipeg.  Since this body suit is sleeveless, I layered a slim black cardigan over top of it, then tucked it into my skirt to keep the look sleek and modern.  The skirt is a vintage piece I found in my mom's closet years ago.  Sadly she purged most of her vintage pieces before I got my hands on them (goodbye vintage polka dot bikini!) but I'm glad she was able to pass down this classic skirt!

Want my tips for adding some 70's style into your wardrobe??  Scroll on down!

Outfit inspiration: How to wear a lace up bodysuit + 3 ways to add a 70's vibe to your style!

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Four Years // Anniversary Photoshoot with Charmaine Mallari

June is one of my favourite months!  Within the span of one month, we get to celebrate our wedding anniversary, my husband's birthday, and the blog-iversary for Pretty Little Details.  June also happens to be peony season... my favourite!

Today is our fourth wedding anniversary but we actually celebrated it earlier this week by getting all glammed up for a photoshoot with Charmaine Mallari.  The photos turned out absolutely magical, and even though everything was shot here in Winnipeg, it feels as though we were wandering through an old city in Europe.  She seriously has such an eye for seeing the beauty in the ordinary.

I hope you love the photos as much as we do!

Romantic photoshoot in front of the Winnipeg Legislative building.  Couples outfit idea: classic little black dress and charcoal grey suit.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Beauty Sleep // Three tips for getting the sleep you deserve (+ a giveaway)!

The average Canadian is lacking serious amounts of sleep.

In our fast paced world, taking the time to get a full eight hours seems indulgent at best.  But with almost half of all Canadians (45 per cent) reporting waking up feeling tired, and one third of Canadians (36 per cent) describing sleep as a rare luxury, sleep is no longer something we should be taking for granted.

Recently, a research study was supported by Dairy Farmers of Canada as part of their goal to help build awareness of important health & social issues.  You can read all about the Project Sleep initiative here but what you need to know is that prioritizing sleep makes a huge difference in everything from ageing gracefully to being more productive at work!

Here are my top three tips for getting a full night’s worth of beauty sleep!  (Backed up by the data made available by #ProjectSleep of course!)

Three tips for getting your best sleep ever & waking up rested!

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Under the lilacs // trench coat & tulle

We are always on the lookout for beautiful new locations to photograph.  And this past week, I wanted to go back to the park where we had our first look on our wedding day.  I have a vivid memory of walking along a path, dense with lilacs and butterflies fluttering everywhere on my way to meet my husband the morning of our wedding.  It was seriously the most magical moment imaginable!

Sadly, we were a little too early in the season to see the soft purple flowers in bloom this year.  We did however find this beautiful tree covered in white flowers and stopped to take some photos there instead.

I have been searching for an amazing trench coat for a while now.  Although it seems that there are trench coats available at almost every store at the moment, my problem is I can't wear beige!  Well, I can physically wear it, but with my ultra-fair skin and light hair, the colour beige does me no favours!  I'm so happy I found this taupe coloured trench while I was traveling last week.  The greyish brown colour is the perfect solution for blondes wanting a classic trench in a more flattering colour.  I will likely be wearing it on repeat until fall!

The perfect coloured trench coat for blondes with fair skin!