Friday, April 24, 2015

Silver Hair & Sequinned Pants

White chiffon shirt with Glitter pants.
White and Silver outfit.

Granny hair inspiration.

Fun date night outfit with sequinned pants.

Dark smokey eye makeup on fair skin.
Sequinned pants with hot pink high heels.

Sequin Pants: H&M (the online version is a little different than the one I purchased in store but this pair from Nasty Gal is almost identical).  Pink heels: Le Chateau.  Clutch: DKNY

Truth be told, I recently bought these sequinned pants thinking I wouldn't get much use out of them. I figured I would wear them once or twice but that would be it. But I was so insanely wrong… I have already gotten sooo much use out of these pants! They somehow manage to match with everything and are literally the most comfortable thing to wear.

Also, you may have noticed I hopped on the #grannyhair trend and dyed my hair silver! My hairstylist and I were getting bored with platinum so we wanted to try something fresh! I've always kept my hair colour pretty natural, so this is the most different colour I have ever tried. Of course, I'm curious... what is the craziest colour you have ever dyed your hair?

Monday, April 20, 2015

For the Home: Closet Inspiration

The humble closet has undergone a major makeover in the past few years.  What used to be seen as a just a practical storage space, has now become an extension of the home.  Many designers and home owners are creating a space that is not just a closet, but instead a dressing room where stylish items are displayed as art.

Right now, our current closet situation is less than ideal.  When we renovated our house we doubled the size of our closet, but it still isn't enough room for us (my husband and I share the space)!  While we manage to fit most of our clothes inside, it just isn't big enough to fit any shoes or accessories.  Currently, all of my accessories are stored in my bedroom, while all of my shoes and outerwear are housed in our back entrance.  So putting together an outfit usually involves running back and forth between three separate rooms in order to put everything together!

I am so excited for our new home, where I will finally be able to keep all my clothes and accessories together in one room!  For the design, I'm dreaming of an all white closet with lots of bright light.  I'm also planning on including some open shelving to display my prettiest accessories.

Here are a few of the closets that have inspired our new design.  Enjoy!

Mariah Carrey's all white closet on MTV cribs.

Shoes on floating shelves.

Glamorous white mirrored closet. Bright and airy dressing rooms.

Bright closet with open shelves.

White closet with chandeliers.

Modern minimalist closet.

1) MTV Cribs.  2) Rue. 3) Pop Sugar. 4) Latinpa.  5/6) Unknown.  7) I Heart Organizing.  
8) Peeptoes.  9) Bravo.  10) Stylizmo.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Stanley Cup Style

Winnipeg Jets team outfit.
How to wear a team sweater.  Winnipeg Jets gear inspiration.
Navy blue vintage inspired Winnipeg Jets sweater. 
Jennifer Ashley wearing a Jets sweater, gold accessories and aviators.
Fashionable sports attire.
What to wear to a hockey game.

First of all, I have to start with this... YAY! YAY! YAY! The Winnipeg Jets made it to the playoffs!!! After not having a NHL team for many years, Winnipeg fans are undoubtedly the most devoted (There was literally a mob of fans that shut down Winnipeg's main intersection on Thursday when they found out the Jets clinched a playoff spot)!

Anyways, I'm all for supporting our local team so I put this fun outfit together to inspire you to support your own team in a fresh fashionable way. While browsing the shop NHL website to pick out some Jets gear, I started to wonder… when did team merchandise get so cool?!? When I thought of team merchandise, what immediately came to mind was an oversized mens t-shirt or jersey… not a silver NHL team charm bracelet or a knit "ugly sweater" (seriously, can you think of a better way to support your team?!?!)

So once you've picked out a few fun team inspired pieces, the next step is to make the look your own. When you walk into the arena on game night to cheer on your team, all you see is a sea of team colours… So how do you support your team without blending into the crowd?

My answer is to definitely add accessories! While it's easy to slip on a pair of jeans & sneakers and head out the door, adding a few small accessories will take your look from boring to date night ready! To add a little style to my playoff game outfit, I added a simple layered gold chain, a pair of heels and a few stacked rings. You want to add a little sparkle without going overboard. A team shirt is already a standout piece so avoid mixing it with oversized statement jewelry (adding hardcore bling to the look may get you seen on the jumbotron for all the wrong reasons!)

So, I want to know, did your team make it to the Stanley Cup playoffs? And what do you like to wear when you go see a game?

Jets sweater: c/o Shop NHL. Jeans: Urban Behaviour. Clutch: Elliot Luca

Monday, April 6, 2015

Shop Your Own Closet - Hipster Remix

Crocheted lace top styled by Jennifer Ashley of Pretty Little Details.

Lace top with wine coloured shawl styled by blogger Jennifer Ashley.
Hipster style by Jennifer Ashley.
Stacked midi rings with burgundy nail polish.
Wool floppy hat & maroon lipstick. 
Hipster fashion by Pretty Little Details.

Hello everyone!  I hope your Easter weekend was wonderful!  I wanted to share this outfit because it's such a fun remix of a few old favourites of mine.  Even though fashion is always changing, you can always find new ways to style some of your old pieces and make them feel fresh again.  With a little bit of creativity and a few updated accessories your wardrobe can take on a whole new feel each season!

You may remember seeing a few of the pieces from today's outfit here:

- This striped shawl was part of a grey cup inspired party look I shared back in November.
- I originally wore this crocheted blouse tucked into a summer maxi skirt for a boho inspired look.
- These wine coloured booties were first worn as part of this winter outfit last year.
- I wore this floppy hat with a lace dress as a part of this polished casual outfit.

So what about you?  Do you feel the need to completely revamp your wardrobe each season, or do you "shop your own closet" and remix your old favourites?

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Spring Showers

Pink and Green Statement Necklace

Pink and Green outfit inspiration.

Braided Updo.

Pink and Green Bouquet with Roses.

So the weather has been playing tricks on us here in Winnipeg.  Last week, most of the snow had melted and I was pulling out my spring wardrobe, but all of a sudden, winter has reappeared!  I had planned to post a fun spring inspired outfit shoot, but it ended up snowing all night and then raining during our entire shoot!  Of course, as a true Winterpegger a little bit of rain (and snow!) wasn't going to stop me, and I found a little clear umbrella in the back of my closet that ended up saving the day!

Clear umbrellas are great (they literally match with everything!) but I also love how printed umbrellas can be used as a fun & unique accessory.  Here's a few statement umbrellas that I would love to add to my arsenal this spring!

So what about you? Do you prefer to carry a classic umbrella or something that makes a statement? Make sure to let me know in the comments!